“When Life Never Ends” – Rev. Brian Akers, April 26, 2020

"When Life Never Ends" - Rev. Brian Akers, April 26, 2020

While we know that “Death is the Inevitable End of the Earthly Life” we also believe that “The Afterlife is Unknown and Comes Alike to All. It is the Natural Doorway to the Next Evolutionary Experience of Eternal Life.” When we assume that whatever happens after we die is Good, as is all of creation, then we begin to relinquish the need to know what lay beyond that veil of the Human Life. When we know this, we no longer need to “know” anything because we cultivate faith in the absence of knowledge. This week, we discuss the brilliance of faithfully claiming an afterlife of goodness for ourselves and others without qualification.


Our Sr. Minister, Rev. Brian Akers

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