“What’s in a Measure” – Rev. Brian Akers, 10/11/2020

"What's in a Measure" - Rev. Brian Akers, 10/11/2020

When we realize we are working with the creative power of the Cosmos we have to remind ourselves of some very important Truths. Firstly, we are not working with ALL of the power of God. We do not have the capacity to wield and dictate to the Universe what it will do. However, all the power of the Cosmos is with us, supporting and nurturing us, as we create our life, what it is, what we allow into it, what we derive from it, and who we share it with. This week we will explore what it means to be a mighty moving power of God without falling into the trap of thinking we’re the whole of God Itself.


Our Sr. Minister, Rev. Brian Akers

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