“Oneness is not Sameness” by Rev. Masando Hiroaka, 7/19/2020

"Oneness is not Sameness" by Rev. Masando Hiroaka, 7/19/2020

Oneness is not sameness. Unity is not Uniformity. The process of unity that stems from our identity of Oneness asks us to embrace, utilize and celebrate each unique expression of the One, while simultaneously recognizing our shared purpose in caring for the whole. As our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes says, “But Unity does not mean uniformity. Unity means a oneness of purpose. Unity means what is best and safe for the majority without losing sight of each individual member of that majority and each location in it.”

Rev. Masando Hiraoka received his bachelor’s degree in religious studies from the University of Colorado-Boulder.  He was introduced to his meditation practice during his travels to India through Naropa University’s Buddhist studies program.

Rev. Masando is currently serving as an Assistant Minister at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO.  He is in charge of the Social Uplift Ministry, which focuses on interfaith engagement, environmental responsibility and non-violence and human dignity for all including racial justice and fostering a culture of inclusion.  Look for Rev. Masando’s monthly column, The Art of Being Human, in the Science of Mind Magazine.


Staff Minister at MileHi Center for Spiritual Living in Lakewood, Colorado

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