“Love. A Divine Responsibility” – Idalia Romero, RScP, 6/21/2020

"Love.  A Divine Responsibility" - Idalia Romero, RScP, 6/21/2020

At it’s deepest and most real level, the notion of loving and being loved is spoken of in every tradition as the reward for being fully awake. Seeing anew restores our sense of being alive. In the same way we wake everyday, we regularly return Love as the rhythm of our wakefulness of Spirit. Whenever I can see with that original vision, with nothing between me and the life around me, I can’t help but love what I see! To see the world I am a part of as a vibrant, on-going creation – to see it so fundamentally – opens me up to love. For it manifests this way: the first sight; then I fall in love at my first sight of the love that is already there, which touches me deeply; then I let it manifest through me onto the other person.

NOTE: We played a video during Idalia’s talk that Youtube prevents us from publishing in this video post due to copyright issues. The video can be found on YouTube entitled “Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer WOWS And Gets GOLDEN BUZZER! | America’s Got Talent 2019”.  It’s well worth watching!


Our Practitioner, Idalia Romero RScP.

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