“Heaven is Inside of You” – Rev. Brian Akers, 5/3/2020

"Heaven is Inside of You" - Rev. Brian Akers, 5/3/2020

Heaven has always been a mystery to me. Not because it’s odd for people to want to have an amazing thing to look forward to after the Earthly Life has ended, but because it always felt like a postponement. When we have so much good right here on earth, it almost felt like a distraction to be concerned with the afterlife. However, over time I came to realize that Heaven is not a specific place at all, but an idea in the minds of people who seek to experience and express goodness all day every day. This week, we discuss the idea that Heaven is actually the unrealized potential already resting right here in our very lives waiting to be revealed!


Our Sr. Minister, Rev. Brian Akers

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