“Free Will is Relative” – Rev. Brian Akers, 9/20/2020

"Free Will is Relative" - Rev. Brian Akers, 9/20/2020

September’s theme “Spiritual Truth is Available to Everyone”, today’s message: “Free Will is Relative”. You can’t give everyone free will and expect them all to do the same things with it. While this awareness can be frustrating at times, it can also be liberating! When we see someone using their divine gift of free will in ways we don’t understand we are called to choose; do we get distracted by our disagreements or are we able to find that divine thing within them so that we can humanize them and be curious about who they are and why they feel this way? Some folks won’t share, so this rule really only applies to the willing… but what is free will to the unwilling but bondage? When we are willing, we bring willing folks into our lives and this week we discuss how to get out of our own way and let them in.


Our Sr. Minister, Rev. Brian Akers

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