Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is about providing spiritual support to those in need. This includes visiting hospital patients, families experiencing major life changes and a multitude of other circumstances and situations. If you are in the midst of an immediate challenge or health event, please let us support your healing!

Lolly McCance, Pastoral Care Coordinator
With 50 years of experience in the medical field as a registered and specialized nurse, Lolly is also a long time member and has proven time and time again that she is committed to compassionately caring for those both within and outside of our community. Her loving, non-judgmental nature makes her the perfect ambassador for the loving and compassionate spirit of our community.

Lolly helps coordinate prayer and support of those who are in times of medical and health challenges. She is also the leader of our “Heart to Heart” team. This team works together to help provide basic assistance to members of the community that may simply need some help around the house, running errands or otherwise requiring some assistance due to medical or other circumstances.

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