Music Program

Here at the Oneness Center for Spiritual Living Columbia, we always say singing is like praying twice!

Music is an essential part of our Sunday Service and we recognize and value live music as an avenue for Opening Hearts, Inspiring Lives and Celebrating Oneness. Our music program includes regular appearances by local favorites including award-winning singers, songwriters, composers, performing artists and our very own “a cappella-focused” group, Harmonessence.

We showcase an array of very talented in-house singers and musicians who perform individually and as part of our Oneness Choir. Come join us every Sunday for the music in the message and the message in the music!

Music Director

Reggie Cole

Reggie has been a member of the Oneness Center for Spiritual Living Columbia for eight years. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees, she is the Music Director, co-leader of the Choir and a member of the Visual Team. Her goal to live authentically and to serve with love makes her a source of inspiration to our community. Reggie is retired with three beautiful granddaughters and enjoys music, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering her talents at our spiritual center.

“I am truly honored to serve such a wonderful and loving community!”


Bob has a gift of creating musical vibrations that can define and recall and heal and inspire those out-of-body moments of everyday life. From a glimpse of a raindrop sparkling in the sunshine when the skies clear after a mid-day storm to dropping onto your knees when the whispers of a grief-stricken heart begin to process…

Bob talks straight to your soul. Not only does he talk, he serenades you through every awareness, every celebration, and every challenge you will encounter. Not once. Not twice. But every time you listen. The music that comes through him will vibrate with your spirit exactly where you are. You will hear exactly what you need to hear in this moment, and the next, and the next.

Visit Bob’s Website at

Award winning pianist and composer Robert Hitz is the quintessential modern artist spanning genres and influence and open to all great musical ideas. A performer, teacher, and composer, you can find him in diverse venues, from the concert stage to a yoga studio playing to diverse and appreciative audiences.

A graduate of Peabody Institute and Syracuse University, Robert has performed with New Thought luminaries such as Gary Zukav, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Barbara Marx Hubbard at conferences and churches throughout the US.

For CCSL he performs solo or with vocalists, including his trio Alchemy 528 with Kim Stuart and Sharon Collins. In 2017 Robert began collaborating with many talented members of CCSL.

Check him out at and “Like” him on Facebook at Robert Hitz Studio.

“I greatly appreciate CCSL for inviting me to join in the celebration of life and performing new and inspirational music for your services. Music is the divine language, and sharing music with CCSL is a great connection to spirit in us all. As an artist, it is a joy to experience such open hearts who connect so perfectly to my original compositions and improvisations.”

The Oneness Center for Spiritual Living Columbia “One Love Choir” is an assembly of dedicated singers and musicians who perform monthly and at special services.  As part of their Sacred Service to our community, these volunteers uplift our community through song and amplify our vision of “Opening Hearts, Inspiring Lives and Celebrating Oneness.”  If you have musical talents that you feel called to share we invite you to join us! Use the form at the bottom of the page to let us know you’re interested.
Harmonessence was formed when a group of six women realized that there is a spiritual connection to be shared through the unity of their voices.  Their harmonies and blend create a sound that is bigger than the sum of their parts.  They perform quarterly at the church and travel locally, sharing songs of inspiration, joy, and abundance.  Check them out HERE on YouTube.

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