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"Lucky for You" - 3/17/19

“Lucky for You” – 3/17/19

Speaker: Rev. Brian Akers | March 17, 2019

Often times Spiritual Family feels like the luckiest discovery in our life. Even though the idea of “Luck” seems to undermine our belief in Divine Right Action, what we know is that Luck is just...

Category: Sunday Services
Waking Up Together - 3/10/19

Waking Up Together – 3/10/19

Speaker: Rev. Brian Akers | March 11, 2019

Spiritual awakening and growth is not all prepared revelation and insightful clarity. Sometimes spiritual family is the place where we wake up with funky breath and tattered hair smelling like yesterday. This week we get...

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“Ohana” – 3/3/19

Speaker: Rev. Brian Akers | March 03, 2019

Spiritual Family is unlike any other. It’s not Divine Appointment like biological family and it’s not purely self-selected like extended family, it lives somewhere in the middle. What gives it value is that it is...

Category: Sunday Services

Lovingly Vulnerable

Speaker: Rev. Brian Akers | February 24, 2019

We often talk of the importance of giving Love, but we rarely discuss the idea that receiving love is also something that we are called to do actively. To receive Love we are often called...

Category: Sunday Services
Celebration of Love

Celebration of Love

Speaker: Rev. Brian Akers | February 17, 2019

Love is not a passive thing, it is something that compels us to take action! This week we celebrate love by coming together as a community to acknowledge and thank our leadership and our volunteers.