“Stepping Into the Unknown” by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

"Stepping Into the Unknown" by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

These are precious times because both the fear of the unknown and our impending growth causes our hearts to feel. Here we are free to choose: do we open or close them?

Simply letting go is not an option; consciously letting go, with gratitude and grace, is. We have come to affirm that all conditions are temporary, a spiritual truth we love to forget until we are faced with remembering.

In the light of all swirling, layering and complexity of world conditions today, and throughout history, it is always through having hope which leads to building faith in our capacity to create something greater than has gone before, combined with our active faith in listening and abiding by the divine wisdom within us, that an answer, a way, is made clear.

This is the sacred compliment to the idea that knowledge is power, for there is even greater understanding, peace, and connection with universal power, in living in the mystery and loving it.

Imagination, creativity, trust, surrender, acceptance cannot be accessed and activated without mental and spiritual resolve, and that means walking hand in hand with our faith.

Now, as religious scientist, we have it easier than most, I dare say!

For we have a road map when navigating in the mystery. It is called the universal creative process, the scientific workings of invisible energy moving into visible form, through the energy of our thought plus deep feeling. The seed is our conscious thought, placed into the fertile soil of subconscious mind and, left undisturbed, creates through a natural order of unfoldment the fruit of that seed.

Through our free will choice to create a mental and emotional equivalent of what it is we desire to be, do and have, we can remain centered in a storm, cool in the desert and cheerfully expectant, as Dr. Holmes says, in our divine discomfort!

And for most of us we become uncomfortable in the not knowing. Now, the not knowing or not understanding of self, others or the workings of the world, is not what I am referring to when I say “living in the mystery and loving it.” For the former is a measure of depth and capacity of intellectual knowledge as applied in time and space. Rather, the mystery to which I refer, is directly connected to listening to and taking direction from the still small voice – sometimes very loud voice – within.

Can we keep our hearts open to guide us into navigating our divine discomfort in the Unknown?

In honor of our journey,
Dr. Nadene


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