“SPIRITUAL TIDBITS” by Dr. Nadene: We Give What We Have…

"SPIRITUAL TIDBITS" by Dr. Nadene: We Give What We Have…

We are seemingly condemned by our acts if our acts do not synchronize with the universal laws through which we live. While we give hurt, we can be hurt. While we cause tears, we shall shed them. While we betray a trust, we shall, too, be betrayed. It is said that this is divine right order or simply, “cause and effect.” The truth is that whatever we create in life will be returned unto our being. When we are truly finished with despairing from the results of our attitude, we will begin to retreat from the actions that cause pain. Then, and only then, will our individual lives create songs of joy and be surrounded by the light of love!

We give what we have.  This is the only merchandize there is on the cosmic shelf.


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