SPIRITUAL TIDBITS by Dr. Nadene: Consciously Create Your Thoughts…

SPIRITUAL TIDBITS by Dr. Nadene: Consciously Create Your Thoughts...

Nothing comes into our experience unless we summon it through our persistent thoughts!  It is our thoughts that are actually shaping the world around us!  The Law of Attraction is receiving our every thought and it is reflecting that thought to us as our life experience. This Law is forming our entire life experience and this Law is doing it through our thoughts. We activate this law with every thought.  We create comfortable or uncomfortable situations, sadness or happiness, loving or fearing, crying or laughing.  In other words, this Law responds to every thought we have, and eventually our “tendency of thoughts” become things!  Make sure your last thoughts at night are peaceful ones, ‘cause our minds work all night long!

Consciously create your thoughts and you will never look back!  Ever!


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