“Seeing Oneness Through Darkness” by Jamie Cole

"Seeing Oneness Through Darkness" by Jamie Cole

“Where were you on 9/11?” That question has been asked thousands upon thousands of times, and those of us in the US know exactly how to answer for ourselves every time.

Each year, when those of us that live in the United States wake up on the morning of September 11th, we are reminded quickly that this date has significant historical meaning to our country. No matter where you were on that day 19 years ago, chances are you have a memory of that morning.

As we move through this month, we are recognizing the Oneness principle that spiritual truth is available to everyone. Large scale disasters bring about fear, confusion, pain, loss, and death. But they also inevitably rally us to come together. They create spaces for hope, determination, community, compassion, and love. In the darkness, we are given a chance to see the beautiful and connected side of humanity, to see light.

This week, when we think deeper about spiritual truth being available to everyone, we are reminded by Reverend Brian that there is a great power in recognizing this principle. “When we realize that the fastest way to avail ourselves of more spiritual wisdom is literally by means of our relationships to one another, and the expanded perspective these Truths lend to us when viewed through a lens other than our own, we truly unlock a power greater than ourselves… each other.”

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