“Got Spiritual Practice?” by Reggie Cole, RScP

"Got Spiritual Practice?" by Reggie Cole, RScP

What is Spiritual Practice?  What does it look like?  How does it feel? Am I doing it right? Am I doing it enough?  These are all questions we might ask ourselves.

At Oneness, we talk a lot about Spiritual Practice.  We engage in it every Sunday with a reading, guided meditation, affirmative prayer and through our music and message.  We don’t claim that there’s any one specific activity or ritual that will bring enlightenment to one and all alike.  But if our purpose is to tap into Infinite Intelligence and the Higher Power that is within each of us, then it’s a good idea to recognize the ways in which we get there.  Spiritual Practice is what it is, and that might be something different for each and every one of us.

The Science of Mind Glossary defines Spiritual as “The Atmosphere of God.”  So, in essence, when we engage in Spiritual Practice, we’re simply “Practicing the Atmosphere of God.”  I love that idea!  It feels very open to interpretation, which I think it should.  Because if we’re practicing the atmosphere of God and God is everywhere present and everywhere active, then your Spiritual Practice can truly be anything you want it to be.  And just because it’s a ‘practice’ doesn’t mean it has to be work!  What is it you’re truly passionate about? What do you love?  If you’re an artist, then you are likely in Spiritual Practice every time you pick up a pen or paintbrush.  If you’re a musician, I imagine your instrument brings you joy, peace and fulfillment.  When you’re doing something you love, there is no time other than now.

Being present is the key.  Focusing on the ‘now’ and being mindful of the present moment allows us to tap into our Source.  When I was in Practitioner training, I wrote a paper called “Vacuuming the Presence.”  I stated that no matter what we’re doing, we can be Present and recognize our own Divinity.  And yes, even while we’re vacuuming!

One of my favorite Spiritual Practices is daily yoga.  Every day, I take the time to notice how my mind, body and spirit are connected, are aligned and in balance.  I feel whole.  I am focusing on the atmosphere of God.

Another spiritual practice I like to engage in is connecting to members of our community.  Recently, Rev. Brian, Kara Atkinson and I started a Community Care Ministry.  We are making calls to Oneness Community Members on a regular basis just to check in and offer an Affirmative Prayer.  So far, it’s been very well received and the connections have been heartfelt and meaningful.  Once we get the process down, we’ll open up to any Community Member who wants to join this Ministry.  Connecting with others is a great spiritual practice!

So, whatever your Spiritual Practice is, I hope it’s your passion.  I hope you recognize the inner beauty and strength and wisdom and the wonder that is you!  And, whatever you’re doing, if you connect with your inner voice, it is enough.


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