“Beautiful Bouquet” by Dorcas Austin

"Beautiful Bouquet" by Dorcas Austin
Last weekend, I went flower picking with a friend. Once I arrived at the garden, I spotted some purple flowers, then some white ones. I picked both of those. ⁣I wanted to take home an absolutely beautiful bouquet, so I decided on a color theme. I said to myself, “I will only pick white and purple flowers!” This way I would be sure to bring home the PERFECT bouquet. ⁣
Meanwhile, my friend is across the field picking flowers. She’s picking flowers regardless of shape, color and size. She’s enjoying herself so much that at one point she loses her flowers and its container as she excitedly dove into every flower bush she saw. ⁣Once we finished, I looked at my bouquet and noticed something was missing. My bouquet lacked color and spark. Whereas, my friend’s flowers popped with boldness and flair. ⁣I couldn’t help but see life’s connection. 🙌🏾
Like me, many of us have, with everything in us, sought perfection. We wanted the perfect image, perfect partner, perfect career, and perfect life. Yes, we tried to pick the “right” flowers. We tried to do the “right” things. Yet, at the end of the day, we realized something was missing! ⁣The element of surprise was missing. The new discoveries were missing. The enjoyment was missing. The diversity was missing making us want to pick those flowers again with more freedom and less restraint. ⁣
I am so excited that TODAY is a new day and we get to pick new flowers. 🙌🏾 We get to pick flowers without judgement of size, color and shape. We get to pick flowers without needing to know if it’s a perfect fit or not. ⁣We get to let ourselves go while picking these flowers. We get to enjoy ourselves and not judge ourselves. We get to pick flowers knowing that every flower adds beauty, depth, color and wonder to our life’s bouquet. ⁣
Let’s go flower picking and pick flowers in the most beautiful and bold way. ⁣

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