Oneness Public Statement on White Supremacy

Oneness Public Statement on White Supremacy
If there was ever a time for Oneness CSL Columbia to show up as the welcoming, loving diverse spiritual community we are, it is now when the Nation is in such need of healing.


We have a responsibility to acknowledge the oppression that Black Americans have faced throughout history in the United States, leading to the vast disparities in prosperity, education and health that exist today.  As the world awakens to the countless and senseless murders, we cannot afford to doubt or be silent about the systemic racism that continues to threaten the very lives of Black Folks every day.


As a community, Oneness denounces White Supremacy and racism, commit to being vocal allies of the Black Community, and do our part to create brave, safe spaces where each of us has a sense of belonging and acceptance.


At Oneness, we proclaim that Love is the Answer.


In his recently published statement, “A Love Letter to Racial Justice”, Rev. Brian Akers wrote:

Love of Self invites us to know that White Americans need not admonish or punish themselves for these truths, though they must sense the inherent shame that failing to address them will continue to create and that their silence allows to prosper.

Love of One Another compels us to serve those who have been harmed by this injustice and gives us the strength to take action beyond sentiment and lament. It calls us to care for those who continue to be suppressed and disenfranchised by the framework of our history.”

As the elected leaders of Oneness CSL Columbia’s Board of Trustees, we believe specifically that love for our Black neighbors means educating ourselves and our families and demanding justice for inequitable treatment, to listen without justifying or defending, to stand for black people and their issues, and to call out racism when and where we see it.


Rev. Brian also notes:

Love of Humanity compels us to expand our world view and recognize the potential we unleash when we honor our interdependence and collaborate for the greater good of all people.

Love of Spirit reminds us of the inherent divinity which has been placed within each of us from our inception and unites us in Oneness. It gives us strength when we are weary and lifts our heads when we are discouraged by the magnitude of the task at hand.”

For Oneness CSL Columbia to stand against racism means we all have work to do. If we work together in Love, we can create new thoughts and new actions that will effect change that lead to a more just, inclusive, and equitable future!




Oneness CSL Columbia
Board of Trustees

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