Healing Affirmations for Racism in USA

Healing Affirmations for Racism in USA

During our June Sacred Activism (SA) meetings, we were startled and confused to realize we all had been experiencing a combo of sadness and grief along with joy.  How could this be?

Going deeper, we shared our frustrations and sadness.  We were moaning George Floyd’s egregious murder after so many decades of unjust killings of black people; wondering what it will take for our nation to embrace that racial equity and Black Lives  Matter.

Simultaneously, we have witnessed a breakthrough in American’s awareness; and that has been powerfully supported around the globe.  We have felt the joys of what we dare hope is the start of a turning point now emerging.

Our ending spiritual practice gave voice to many affirmations that Rev. Jenna has consolidated into the following prayer and meditation for transformation.

SA Prayer and Meditation for Racial Healing and Equity

By design, you may either:

  • Be in this prayer in its entirety; – OR –
  • Select one affirmation a day, over the course of a week, for personal reflection, visionary meditation, and prayer.

Love is the ever present and accessible Divine nature of all humanity.  In oneness with God and all of Creation, I center myself in this truth and willingly allow it to guide and inspire me and all that I am called to do as a healing presence in our nation.

  1. I am grateful that the imbalances that fostered slavery, racial injustice and suffering are now clearly seen and continuously inspiring our hearts and minds in healing choices and actions.
  2. I willingly evolve my consciousness about racism. I accept my responsibility to continually expand my awareness and to compassionately open my heart – changing all I need to change within me by releasing my family and culturally patterned doubts, fears, hate and false beliefs about POC (people of color).
  3. My introspective work on racism makes a difference in how I show-up. Despite any personal discomfort I may still have, I lovingly dismantle any discordant beliefs and courageously embrace that Black Lives truly Matter.
  4. Through ongoing courageous conversations, I expand my own understanding of systemic racism and how I/we can contribute to racial healing through equality, equity and justice.
  5. I am grateful that people from all segments of our nation are awakening and coming together ‘across the divides’ to heal and gracefully transform all vestiges of discrimination, injustice and inequality.
  6. I recognize how I have permanently changed and that my momentum is enduring. I honor my steadfast commitment to support and contribute to ongoing changes that heal racism and injustice in the USA. 
  7. Recognizing the delicate balance of fast action and effective change, I affirm the importance of wise discourse and timing to insure positively effective changes on an ongoing basis – for the highest and greatest Good for All.

So very grateful to be part of this momentous time of healthy change, I continually maintain and actively support a vision of our world gracefully transformed into an equitable, just, healthy, and loving community for all races and all people.  Allowing this to inspire and guide my every thought, feeling and deed, I let this be my truth and experience.  Amen.  And so it IS.

Image by Leigh Blackall, Flickr  


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