A Love Letter to Racial Justice

A Love Letter to Racial Justice

A Love Letter to Racial Justice

by Rev. Brian Akers


As a faith leader, I believe that there is one principle that binds all of us together in Oneness and that principle is Love. I believe now, especially now, that Love is still the answer.


White Supremacy has been sewn into the very soil of America from its inception. Filled with the blood, sweat, and tears of Africans forcibly brought to this country and sold into chattel slavery, our nation’s atrocities have seeped their way into the very groundwater that we have used to nourish our systems, our institutions, and our culture. Its influence runs so deep that over time White America has forgotten, and even willfully hidden the fact, that our roots have been drawing from this unholy wellspring of violence and injustice all along.


Because of this irrefutable truth, Black Americans continue to experience oppression at this very moment in every sector of our society. Their education, their health, their prosperity, their freedom, and their lives are threatened every day by the pestilence of racism. And yet, their strength, their grace, their humanity, and their Love has blessed our nation with a seemingly bottomless geyser of fresh creative and intellectual brilliance. They shower our nation with their Love in the face of these truths and that Love has gone unrequited for far too long.


In these times we have been blessed with a sacred opportunity. The clarity to see the destruction of Black communities, the theft of Black culture and the blatant disregard for the value of Black lives has risen to the surface for all to see. Our advancements in technology and communication make these facts starker and more blatantly obvious than ever before.  Our debt to Black America is due, and I believe now is the time to settle these horrific accounts. For too long the yoke of this burden has been unjustly placed on the backs and hearts of Black Americans and they have born that burden with power and pride unceasing.


It is time for White America to come forward with great haste to take on the burden of dismantling the influence of this wretched disease called racism from which they continue to benefit.  White America has not taken the sacred time of Reflection to learn and teach the true nature of their exploitations to one another and to be held accountable to the advantages these horrors have afforded them. White American hearts have been hardened to avoid this imperative work for reasons too numerous and often too insidious to count. The time has come for White America to do the painful and necessary work of addressing the chasm of injustice that has swelled in the darkness of our ignorance.


Love is the answer.


Today I call for the greatest expression of Love that this nation has ever had the opportunity to embody. The willingness to accept responsibility for these truths, the commitment to making investments of every nature in the Black community, and the willingness to be held accountable to produce the demonstrable fruits of this labor.


Love of Self invites us to know that White Americans need not admonish or punish themselves for these truths, though they must sense the inherent shame that failing to address them will continue to create and that their silence allows to prosper.


Love of One Another compels us to serve those who have been harmed by this injustice and gives us the strength to take action beyond sentiment and lament. It calls us to care for those who continue to be suppressed and disenfranchised by the framework of our history.


Love of Humanity compels us to expand our world view and recognize the potential we unleash when we honor our interdependence and collaborate for the greater good of all people.


Love of Spirit reminds us of the inherent divinity which has been placed within each of us from our inception and unites us in oneness. It gives us strength when we are weary and lifts our heads when we are discouraged by the magnitude of the task at hand.


Yes. I believe. Love is still the answer.


Let us show up in this moment and allow our Love to fill the streets with cries for justice. Let us unite in peaceful and powerful demonstrations of the collective power that Love affords us when we amplify the voices of those who have been muted for too long. Let us be together in our grief and our celebration. Let us persist until we can safely say that our children will be taught the unabated truth and that our systems, our society, and our culture have transformed. Let us make Racial Justice as Racial Equity for Black Lives our highest priority so that we may learn the lessons needed to help us heal all other forms of injustice that still plague our nation.


And let Love call us to begin right now.


Rev. Brian Akers




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