Color Me Calm and At Peace (Updated)

Color Me Calm and At Peace (Updated)

Since kindergarten, I have loved how art (and coloring) shifts me out of all my fears and upsets, time disappears, and I’m blissfully present in a meditative Zen-zone.  Given the popularity of adult coloring books in recent years, it seems coloring have a similar effect on others.

In our suddenly upside-down, inside-out Covid-19 world – as if we dropped into a parallel universe and “find ourselves living in a SciFi movie”  (credit to Robin Brown) – many are wondering what to do with ourselves while we’re cooped-up at home. Coloring and other art forms can be a delightful and therapeutic activity.

Art as Activism

Artivism” (aka: Art Activism) serves several needs and can take many forms:

  • Un-censored free expression can help us release pent-up frustrations, anger and emotions.
  • As a strategic interrupt when we’re stuck and are seeking a breakthrough
  • And during challenging and emotional times, coloring and other art forms can be very therapeutic as a self-calming and grounding

10 Mandala Images to Color as Spiritual Practice

Centers for Spiritual Living has released 10 Free digital mandala images for us to print, share and color as often as may desire.  While these each have a theme, feel free to create your own mantras or affirmations.

Here’s how can you easily combine Zen-zone coloring and spiritual practice:

  1. Select a mandala and find some crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  2. Create an affirmation* or mantra that declares a higher good for a situation you’re concerned.
  3. Optional – add soothing background music.
  4. Zen-out coloring for as long as you want.

* To learn more about affirmations, check out Rev. Jenna’s Anatomy of an Affirmation.


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