Anatomy of an Affirmation

Anatomy of an Affirmation

Prayer is as old as the human species and has been expressed in many ways.  Some of the common universal types of prayer include praise for the Creator, mantras, rote liturgy, lamentations, beseeching help, and ‘let’s make a deal’.

Affirmative Prayer

In our spiritual tradition, “Affirmative prayer” is our primary spiritual practice.  This is a type of prayer that combines several biblical beliefs: ‘It is done unto you as you believe’, ‘The answer is in the prayer’, and that it is “God within that does the work”.  The implication is that thoughts (“the Word”) are creative – that when we change our thoughts, we then also change our experience.

When we write affirmations and/or engage in affirmative prayer, we are expressing a new thought/belief that invokes the ‘It is done unto as you believe’ principle.  We are then praying from our new belief with joyful expectancy and gratitude that the prayer is already fulfilled.

So … What is an Affirmation?

As you may have guessed, a major element of affirmative prayer is affirmations* – statements of new beliefs someone is now professing, accepting and thereby activating and welcoming in her/his life.  In doing this, we also believe they are already done (answered) in God’s realm and it is only a matter of them becoming manifest.  For this reason, we immediately give thanks in advance for this fulfillment and then entrust it to Creator’s wisdom and power.

Affirmations, whether it’s just one or a series, can also be written and/or stated repetitively.  When used in this way, affirmations have the effect of focusing our belief in what is being [newly] affirmed and increasing our faith and expectancy – helping this to become stronger than any doubts or fears we may have.

* Anatomy of an Affirmation

The key to using affirmations is to understand their anatomy which contains these elements.  Affirmations are:

  • A positive statement
  • Declared in the “first person” (e.g. “I/we”)
  • Spoken or written in the “present tense as if it is already true, done, and complete”.

Samples of Personal Affirmations

My body feels so good when I exercise that I continually prioritize and enjoy exercising as a frequent and vital part of my life.

God’s infinite abundance is my ever-present good.  God withholds nothing, so I recognize and release any way I block this ever flowing good.  I am at peace knowing God’s good can reach me in ways I cannot see or imagine.  I gratefully receive God’s abundant good in my life, now and always.

Sample Affirmations Relating to the Coronavirus

God is greater than my fears and anything I may experience; I lean into this Truth.  My faith is greater than my fears; I release any fear and relax into the power of faith.  Every time I center in God with faith and trust, my faith deepens and my experience brightens and improves.  I trust God to supply every form of support I need; and I open my heart and mind to experience this in my life now.

I/we know that all the PPE (personal protective equipment) needed in medically treating Coronavirus patients is now continually available everywhere it is needed – supporting the resilience, protection and health of all our public service and medical personnel.

I/we envision all citizens accepting the importance of all protective behaviors and willingly engage in those behaviors for the health and well-being of everyone.

The basic needs of all people in the US (i.e. food, shelter, medicine and expenses covered) are sufficiently provided in right and perfect timing.  All are peacefully and patiently weathering this pandemic until it is safe to work and socialize again.


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