Affirmative Prayer – Week of 3/22/2020

Affirmative Prayer - Week of 3/22/2020

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ opening affirmative prayer on Sunday, March 22, 2020:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that there is only One.  That One is divine.  It is good, it is grace, it is love, it is unity, it is whole. In its wholeness, this divine thing that we call God, that we call Spirit, that we call Divine, that we call by so many names is absolutely, completely and wholly present right here in us, as us and through us.  It is coursing through our veins, it is moving through our voices, it is moving through the technology, it is moving through each and every person who is watching this stream live or watching it on playback.  And so what I know in this moment as we gather here virtually, is that we deny power to any idea that we are outside of our norm and we absolutely embrace and accept the Truth that right here, where we are, is the norm.  This is our Reality, this is our Truth and we accept it with grace and with love and find ways within ourselves to more deeply and more powerfully and more openly connect with each other.  It’s already happening, it’s already unfolding, it’s already moving.  And so this service this morning is blessed.  Every aspect of it, every heart that it touches, every mind that it inspires, every part of our community is connected now, whether it be right here in this very moment or in the moment that someone is watching it for the second or third time or for the first time.  So I just give thanks.  I’m grateful for all the hearts and hands who have tried to bring this together, I’m grateful for all of the opportunity to come together, even through all this technology that we have, in our responsibility, chosen to stay home today and in our spirit, chosen to wander the inner web tubes and to find this goodness.  And so we gather, as we surrender unto the Law, knowing that as we give all of ourselves to good, that only goodness can come forth.  So that goodness is unfolding as this Live Stream, as this time together, as this message, as this music, as this fellowship.  It is already happening, it is already done. We are already lifted up.  There’s already some greater goodness revealing Itself right here by means of us. And so it is!  Amen.

To watch Sunday’s Virtual Service, click here.


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