Oneness Community “Spotlight” – Reggie Cole, RScP

Oneness Community “Spotlight” - Reggie Cole, RScP

In an effort to get to know one another and to celebrate each other more fully, we’ve created a “Spotlight” for our Oneness Community.  This week we highlight Reggie Cole:

If you’ve ever been to a Oneness service or event, chances are pretty good that you’ve seem me. I have called this community my home for over 10 years and I absolutely love the teaching, the philosophy and the way of life. I’ve even called it my employment since September, 2018, when I became the Oneness CSL Operations Administrator.  Retired from the AFL-CIO (the umbrella organization of unions) in 2010, I’ve spent the last decade taking care of grandchildren, singing, playing and listening to music, enrolling in Science of Mind classes, becoming a licensed practitioner and transforming every area of my life.   I’m head over heels in love and engaged to my perfect fit, Tom Kapp, who happens to take me dancing almost every weekend! Hope to see you at Oneness and on the dance floor!”

As a Licensed Practitioner and as a Oneness CSL Staff member, Reggie can be reached almost any time via email at

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