In an effort to get to know one another and to celebrate each other more fully, we’ve created a “Spotlight” for our Oneness Community.  This week we highlight Rebecca Beall, RScP:

“I am a long-time member of Oneness, and I’m truly grateful to have found such a wonderful community to grow and serve spiritually, and, equally important, a spiritual community in which to raise my daughter.  I have been the leader of the Funday School team, and I am a current teacher, a former member of the Board of Directors, as well as a volunteer on several teams.   I am embracing the new role as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.  I am an educator by trade, championing equity and dignity, while passionately supporting students, families, and educators.  I am proud to have developed and teach a professional development course on mindfulness for public school educators!  As a talented and skilled educator and coach, I teach a practical spirituality deeply rooted in the Truth that everything is God and the deep personal freedom and responsibility that comes with knowing that Truth to an ever-deepening degree.”

Be sure to join us at Sunday Celebration Service on Sunday, March 22nd when Rebecca serves as the Guest Speaker!

Please consider sending us a snapshot of YOU!  We’re looking for 5-8 sentences (100-150 words) to introduce you to the rest of our community through our weekly newsletter and website.  You’re invited to share whatever you would like people to know about you. Please send submissions, along with a color headshot (selfies are fine) to


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