Affirmative Prayer – Week of 11/10/19

Affirmative Prayer - Week of 11/10/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ Affirmative Prayer on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019:

Please join me in this Affirmative Prayer.  Because what I know is that right now there really is only One!  I can sense It in this room, I can feel It beyond this room.  I can feel, as I close my eyes and just feel my way into the world around me, I can sense that the vastness of the cosmos is just so huge, I can stretch as far out as I want into it in my mind’s eye and barely gleam its vastness.  And in that vastness, It is the entire cosmos – all thought, all feeling, all goodness, all creation, the creative thought, the creative process and the creation itself.  All of It is one thing and that one thing is good.  And in Its goodness, It has seen fit to have an idea of, create and become each of us.  And so we are united with each other, we are enfolded with each other, we are so interdependent in our spiritual presence, that we are inseparable in the Mind, in the Heart, in the Spirit and in the Soul of God.

And so I sense my unity with everyone here and everyone beyond this room.  That unity is the unity that is provided to us because of our awareness of God itself.  And in that awareness of our unity and of the grandeur of our Oneness, we claim this moment and this day that something powerful that has been nurtured all along, up until this point, that has always been present and expressing itself already, is finding new more innovative, more creative ways to express itself – not because they’re better, but because they’re timely.  Because now is the time to do it in these ways.  It has always been good and always will be good and in that awareness of its eternal goodness, we are grateful.  I am so grateful to know this word, to speak this word, to be a part of this community, a part of this movement and to know that something’s happening here!  As I give thanks and as I accept this word, knowing that every blessing that comes forth after this prayer is a manifestation of this word that’s been spoken unto a Law that receives it, that I am already grateful and accepting those blessings right here in this moment.  And because I am filled with gratitude, I am moving my feet with gratitude and in doing so, I have laid it down.  I have surrendered it to the Law knowing that the Soul of the Universe has taken it up, is affirming it and creating it and expressing it as my life, as your life, as this community, as the world in which we live in greater and more powerful ways than it has ever expressed before, and that we could ever imagine ourselves.  It is bigger than our biggest idea and we are ready to receive it now, and so we surrender it and allow it to be done.  And together we say, And So It Is!  Amen!

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk entitled “A Receptive Soul,” click here.


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