Affirmative Prayer Week of 6/30/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 6/30/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, June 30, 2019:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that right here in this moment there is a Joy that is so absolutely ready to be expressed that I am free!  I am free in the awareness that Goodness is assured when I show up in love.  And so I know that God is all love, all freedom, all awareness and in my acceptance of that Truth I see myself in It and I see It in myself.  I belong to God and that God belongs to me and that humanity belongs to each other and that all of us belong to the absolute cathedral of humanity being built right here in this moment knowing that we won’t live to see the end of the magnificence that it creates but that the stones that we are placing now are the very stones upon which that vision manifests.  And so we place this prayer into the world; we place this prayer for freedom in our heart knowing that there are people who are in fact not currently experiencing freedom, and we know that there is a freedom laying in wait for them and we let this prayer inspire us to seek out whatever is ours to do, to know and to be in order to bring that freedom into fruition and to afford it to every single living being!  And when we know that Truth, we don’t seek to find ways to allow ourselves to accept them, we invite them to find where they belong and we make room for them to do so.  We make room by making relationship.  We take time by knowing a higher love.  We know that all of that work that is to be done is already laying in the expectancy of goodness – done in the mind of God right now because it is done in my mind.  It is why I am here, it is what I am here to do, and it is what I am inviting all of us to embrace.  I know that we do so now and as we do so it is expressing completely and wholly right now as the joy that we use when we celebrate freedom as the inter-dependent nature of humanity living in me and every other being.  And so I just give thanks!  I am so grateful to know that I don’t have to do this whole thing myself!  I am so grateful to know that there are so many brilliant hearts, hands, minds, feet and souls contributing to the cathedral of humanity right now.  So deeply and so completely am I accepting this Truth, so wholly is it my Beingness now, that I can already give thanks to the blessings that tumble forth from that awareness.  It is already done.  It is already so.  Right where I am standing, inside me and everywhere I go, freedom rings.  And so I surrender that which is not mine to do.  I surrender control.  I surrender to the control of the Law which, the nature of the Law, is to bring all of this goodness about, to take it all up, fashion it into a cathedral, to see the blueprint even before it is built and to continue supplying everything necessary for it to be completed.  It is already happening.  It is already done in the mind of God and in the Law and so I let it be so.  As together we say, “And so it is!”

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk entitled “The Joy of Freedom,” click here.


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