Affirmative Prayer, Week of 6/9/19

Affirmative Prayer, Week of 6/9/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, June 9, 2019:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer. Because what I know in this moment is that there is only One and in that Oneness, all of us reside.  It is perfect and It is complete and It is good! There is such an unceasing expression of good in this One Presence that I call God, I call Spirit, I call the Divine, I call It whatever, I call It everything, I call It all there is and I call it forth now in my mind to remind myself that in me is this opportunity to cultivate this attitude of Joy and to absolutely exert all of my effort to know that It is present with me now.  And so our community is a community of eternal Joy because we have made the commitment to the effort of living a spiritual life.  And so what I know in this moment is that even as we are somber, even if as we afford all of our love, all of our prayers, all of our compassion to Julia and her family, that there is something in us stirred up that knows the depth of Joy that is just willing to show up all day every day, recognizing that while our dear and beloved sister is going through what she’s going through, that there are so many people out there experiencing grief right now.  So many experiencing it and the greatest thing we can do is continue to keep the flame of Joy burning in our heart.  To carry the torch when there are those who are burdened with such heavy loss.  To choose an attitude that is so convinced that goodness is around every single corner, that we can’t help but to celebrate it everywhere we go.  In subtle ways and in grand ways and in all that we can bring joy to the world, we accept our responsibility to do that now.  So this prayer is the effort that we exert to remind ourselves and to fashion ourselves into an attitude that has said yes to more joy!  And as we say yes to more joy, we just give thanks.  We are in expectancy and we are in gratitude knowing that we accept every blessing that unfolds from here forward in completeness and wholeness.  We are so grateful for everything that comes.  And as it comes and it blesses us, we surrender it to the Law knowing that an even greater experience of joy and an even more pleasurable experience of life and an even more inspired experience of love is happening everywhere we go simply because we have shown up in this way.  We know it’s the truth of who and what we are.  We allow it to be everything that we endeavor to be and more so, and as we’ve done it we know that what we’ve done with this prayer has stirred up some excitement for the expectancy of good already here, yet to come and known in the mind of God as already the life that we have, the inspired life that we share together as a spiritual community.  As we anchor this prayer in knowing and encourage one another in sharing it with each other, we say together, “And so it is!”

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk entitled “Joy > Pleasure,” click here.


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