“Beauty Is All Around Us” by Ayo McClenney

“Beauty Is All Around Us” by Ayo McClenney

I am drawing your attention to beauty.  Just relax because you don’t need to study anything to recognize beauty.  All you must do is know that there is only beauty.  Beauty is all around us.  How often do we catch beauty? 

One morning I stopped to get gas.  As I waited for the tank to fill a man walked toward the trashcan.  I watched him as he began taking bags out of the can.  Grimy, dirty bags.  Finally, he pulled out a bag and inside was a box of Little Debbies.  He returned everything else to the trash can took the Little Debbies and walked away. In that moment I recognized beauty.  The beauty I saw at the gas station had nothing to do with the physical appearance of the snack cakes or the trash or the man.  The beauty was in the appearance of value surrounded by what appeared to be waste.  I never wondered why the man was pulling items out of the trash, I asked myself, “what does he know that I am missing?”

What is his perception of the world?  How does he know that beauty can be found in the trashcan at a gas station? 

Beauty has many meanings, the least of which relates to what we see.  I believe beauty to be an experience.  After all, we are sent to Earth to express uniquely.  So we must be sent to experience beauty in our unique way.

I now know there is beauty in garbage.  There are YouTube videos all over the internet with the words “beauty” and “garbage” in the title. 

One mind. One source.  It is all beautiful.

The beauty in garbage is as beautiful as a rose.  We are each able to recognize beauty to the extent that our awareness allows us.  How perceptive are you about beauty? 

If you receive a potted rose bush, do you see beauty?  Where is it?  In the color of the rose?  In the aroma of the flower?  In the potential of this one plant to seed more roses?  Is it in the manure that feeds growing roses?  Or is the beauty in the mind of the person who decides to plant the roses? 

The answer is yes.  There is beauty in every experience.  We get to choose where and how we find beauty.  Where do you see beauty?  Is it in the eyes of your neighbor?  The crow’s feet of the stranger next to you?  The ugly sweater given to you in the office gift exchange?  Yes.

There is beauty in the memory of the 10-year old Yemeni boy who can no longer go to school.  There is beauty in the will of the 12-year old Niger girl who must carry water for miles every day just so her family can survive.  Beauty lives in the intuition of the lady down the street who is unable to find work.  Have you felt the beauty in the potholes on the corner?    

On page 412 of the Science of Mind textbook, Ernest Holmes writes, “Life responds to us in the way we approach It.  We should choose that which we wish to embody and by constant attention to it take on all its characteristics.”  This quote tells us how to bring beauty into the world.  How we embody and represent beauty in our life. 

In this moment I am experiencing Oneness with all that is beauty because Beauty is all there is.


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