Affirmative Prayer Week of 5/19/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 5/19/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, May 19, 2019:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer. Because what I know is that the Divine is all that there is and because that’s the truth, It is all Beauty – it just is!  And so what I know is that It is me, all that I am.  While I am not the whole of God, God is the whole of my entire being.  And so that means that any time I have ever experienced anything as “beautiful,” that was the Divine in me recognizing Itself.  And so in that which I behold as being beautiful is an example of how there is a beauty in me that is ever-present.  This is true for myself, this is true for all of humanity.  And so as we awaken to that magnificence today and we celebrate Beauty, we let ourselves into a space of vulnerability that knows that our faith is what protects us.  That we don’t need to defend ourselves from God because we are It and It is all that there is, and in that space of vulnerability we release a little bit more of that uniqueness inside of us that the entire world has been thirsting for, for so long.  And I let it go and I let it be in myself with such complete and total acceptance, that every blessing that could possibly unfold from it is already mine.  I’m already giving thanks for the way that I impact the world in beautiful, beautiful ways, knowing that as I do so my blessings are multiplied abundantly.  This is how I thrive, this is how life bursts forth and moves me from this vulnerable place of beauty and into a magnificent state of Joy.  This is why we celebrate.  And so in that gratitude I just surrender.  I’ve done what’s mine to do by showing up, by being authentic, by being me, by doing God as me, as my Life.  I have done what is mine to do and I have placed all of my trust in my faith and my love into the Law of God, knowing that God takes it, expresses it, manifests it and paints a mural of the world of a life that It creates around me that is in perfect alignment with that brilliance.  It is the Truth of who I am, the Truth of my life, the one that I claim now for each of us in this moment knowing that it is already done.  And together we say, “And so it is!”

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk entitled “Be-a-U-TY,” click here.


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