Affirmative Prayer Week of 3/31/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 3/31/19

The following is a transcript of Eugene Holden’s affirmative prayer on Sunday, March 31, 2019:


Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  This is what I know.  I know that there is only One Life, I know that there is only One Power, I know that there is only One Presence, and though it might be called by different names, I choose to call it God.  And I know that it is at the very center of all of life.  In Its natural form, Its very nature, It is to permeate all of life, It is to penetrate all of life, It fills the inter-spaces of the universe, meaning that there is no place where God is not.  Or there’s no place where Life is not.  And so I recognize that this Infinite Intelligence that is everywhere present and at the center of all life, while having no circumference, I declare there is nothing that exists outside of God because, truly, God is all there is.  In the beginning, God – truly the Alpha, the Omega, the “in between that” – all that there is and ever shall be is God revealing Itself in everything that we see, and do not see; everything that is known and the yet-to-be known.  All there is, is God!  And so recognizing and acknowledging that God is everywhere present at all time, I truly know that in all times God is present right where I am, for there is no place where I go that God is not.  This is impossible because I am created in the spiritual image and likeness of the Divine Itself.  I am one with that same power that causes the sun to shine.  I am the Thing Itself!  And as I know this to be the Truth of my life, I know this to be the Truth of each individualized expression of the one sitting here in Oneness – get that, sitting here in Oneness today!  They’re right where we are – God is, we are, right here, right now, God is, we are.  For there is no place where any of us can go where God is not because all of us are created out of that image, out of that likeness, out of that manifestation, out of the nature of the Divine Itself.  We walk in, through and as the Beloved and so as we open up the portals of our heart and our minds and our soul, we get to choose to live, move and have our being in the One.  You see what I love is that in doing that, we surrender to allowing the One to live, move and have Its Being in, through and as us.  How great it is to know that there is only the One Life that’s expressing Itself as our life right here and right now.  I want you to call your own name, say it out loud.  These are the names of the Divine, for God known by any other name, it is still God known as Eugene, known as Brian, known as Judy, known as each and every one of us! Known as Lenny, known as Ayo, known as Kimberly, known as everyone here.  So I give great thanks for our Oneness, our conscious awareness that we are one with all of life, we are one with our abundance, we are one with our joy, we are one with our creativity, we are one with our beauty, we are one with the One, as the One.  So recognizing that we are One, we get to speak our Word and the Word we speak truly is the Word of God.  And the Word of God is always made flesh; the demonstration is always made through this treatment and so we speak a word of abundance, we speak a word of divine health, we speak a word of joy, we speak a word of serenity now!  We speak a word of Divine Right Action that happens in Divine Right Order and that must result in Divine Right Outcome.  For this, I give great thanks!  For this and for so much more than my ears can hear, for this and for so much more than my eyes can see, for this and for so much more than these words could ever possibly convey, I remain forever grateful and thankful.  It is from this place of gratitude and thanksgiving that I release my Word now into that beautiful and divine potent activity of Love and of Law, knowing that as I release this Word unto the Law, the Law must return my Word unto me completely fulfilled simply because my Word is the Law unto Itself.  All It knows and every shall know is Its own fulfillment and as Dr. Holmes says, “The Word is the ability of Spirit to declare Itself into manifestation, into form.”  So I release it into celebratory thanksgiving, we just allow this to be and I declare that it is done.  And so it is!


To watch the video, click here.  To view Eugene’s full talk on “Tag, You’re It,” click here.


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