Affirmative Prayer Week of 3/17/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 3/17/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, March 17, 2019:


Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that there is a Divinity, a Goodness, a Love that that is so complete, so vast, so absolute that It is literally the embodied expression of everything in existence.  Whether it’s a celestial body, whether it’s a tiny little insect or even just a proton and a neutron and an electron doing a sexy dance – that all of it, every last bit, is one thing and that one thing is good!  And in Its goodness, it has brought us here into this moment in consciousness where we are self-aware of It and of that goodness, and so by means of us, God is knowing Itself more fully.  And so we embrace this idea that, in that awareness, we don’t need to complicate our lives so we deny power to anything that invites us to over-complicate anything.  We reaffirm the Truth that in simplicity, we bring Peace, Beauty, Joy, Truth, Love, Life and Light into being!  As we do so, all of the complexity of God’s brilliant creation is made simple because we have discovered what is ours to do, and surrendered that which is for the Divine.  In that awareness we create a life and a world that works for all.

I embrace this so fully and completely that I accept all of its blessings already.  I don’t need to know, I don’t need an expectation of what God does in my life; I have an expectancy that knows that God does good in my life always!  And so this prayer has fashioned me to be a greater bucket into which that goodness is being poured.  We say “Yes” and we receive it all and in our receiving, our acceptance, our gratitude for everything, we surrender.  We allow it to simply be.  We allow ourselves to simply know. And in having done so, we know that the infinite complexity of the divinity of life itself comes forth and brings about the highest and most brilliant good that can possibly come.  We are in a state of receiving; It is in a state of creating and as we actively move out into the world and take this with us, our lives are infinitely blessed and this Truth that has been spoken is already done, right here, right now.  And together we say, “And so it is!”  Amen.


To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “Lucky for You,” click here.


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