Investing In the Vision

Investing In the Vision

“Considered in the broadest sense, prosperity is ‘spiritual well-being.’  This involves the whole experience of healing life, satisfying love, abiding peace and harmony as well as a sufficiency of what Aristotle called the ‘furniture of fortune.’” – Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics


As we come to the close of our Investment Pledge Drive, we want to thank everyone who is already supporting our 2019 Vision for Oneness and investing in, as Eric Butterworth put it, our “spiritual well-being.”

Our Investment Drive – the prosperity of Oneness – isn’t just about reaching a number on a chart. It’s about the lives we touch because of this number. It’s about that satisfying, loving feeling you get when you come to Sunday Celebration Services, attend a small group meeting or get involved in one of our community engagement projects. It’s about the harmony and wholeness we all feel when this community comes together as One. This Pledge Drive is about your committed investment to those things, and we’re happy to say we are pretty close to having a fully funded Vision! We are $500 shy of our monthly goal of $11,500. We are this close because many community members have increased their pledge amounts and for that we are thankful!

To fill in the remainder of this monthly gap we are asking that you place your faith in Oneness and its prosperity, in that broader sense. Knowing that it’s not just the number you increase by but the feeling in which you choose to give. You are increasing your pledge to GROW the Oneness Vision of “Opening Hearts, Inspiring Lives, and Celebrating Oneness.” Place your faith in that feeling of “spiritual well-being” that Eric Butterworth spoke of, knowing that your gift truly makes a difference!

If you would like to increase your current pledge or to become a new pledged giver, contact Kimberly Akers at She will walk you through the various options for giving that include standard check giving, automatic gifts with credit card, debit card, or checking account. And our newest feature is text-to-give – just text 410-567-5459 and you’ll be prompted to put in your payment information and amount. All of these automatic ways are quick and easy to set-up and Kimberly Akers is happy to assist.

The Board, Ministers and staff here at Oneness thank you for your investment in our community and our vision to Open Hearts, Inspire Lives, and Celebrate Oneness.


“Life is a growth process, and we grow through giving.”  – Eric Butterworth


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