Affirmative Prayer Week of 2/24/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 2/24/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, 2/24/19.  To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “Lovingly Vulnerable,” click here.

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that right here in this very room there is only One.  Not one as in all the same, but one as all united – all expressing from this awareness that there is Love ever-present, infinite in potential and absolutely unceasing in Its willingness to give of Itself!  It is the great Givingness of the entire Universe.  It is good and in its goodness, it has thought up, expressed, made manifest and given life to each of us.  And so as we draw that awareness in, what we realize is that there is a never-ending avalanche of love that God is already affording us in any moment, and so right now we just lean back and throw out our hands and say “Yes” and let that love wash over us now – all of that Divine Love of God just washing over us now.  We’re riding that wave so fully and so completely that in my mind as I imagine the faces of my spiritual kin, my spiritual community, the faces of Oneness, the tangible reality is not just the idea that Oneness lives somewhere out there, but that it is right here!  This morning I am in communion with it, not just in thought but in action.  As I arose this morning and looked around and saw my spiritual community, I saw the faces of those people who came here for love!  In thinking a loving thought, they believed there could be a place where people loved one another, showed up, found them and now you are them.  It is you and you and I together say “Yes” to one another and we receive the love and it fills us up!  Our take, no matter where it was when we walked through the door, our take now is filled to overflowing – we have so much love.  And it’s that love that re-energizes us, reinvigorates us, that we give thanks for and in our gratitude we can only give thanks for that which we have received.  And so we give thanks for love and are accepting all of it.  And in having done so, knowing completely right here and right now that we can surrender to it in all of our vulnerability, with all of our things, all of our experiences, everything that we have been up until this moment.  And as we make ourselves vulnerable, as we make ourselves willing to receive the only thing that comes in to move us is the compassionate heart of sacred love.  So in our bravery of this prayer and in the safety of this spiritual community, we have claimed love and said “Yes!”   It is ours now – in us, as us, through us and all around us.  It conspires for our good to express in even greater ways than we could possibly have imagined ourselves.  Together, as one community, as one loving heart, we say “And so it is!”  Amen!


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