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The Power of Faith in a Vision

The Power of Faith in a Vision

The January, 2019 “Earth Rise” post attested to the power of unity and dedication to an improbable dream for humans to walk on the moon by the end of 1969; yet, it came to be.  Through the Apollo missions, our country learned that an essential aspect of manifesting life-changing visions is steadfast Faith in the vision, regardless of its scale or probability.

Gandhi had a seemingly impossible vision for an autonomous India; that, too, was achieved through enduring faith in that vision.

Similarly, Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream, a vision of a socially integrated United States with equality and justice for everyone.  Despite centuries of structural and social antipathy against justice and equality for African Americans, vast challenges, personal threats, and grave injury to others, MLK Jr. and a diverse coalition persisted from the strength of faith in that vision.

In 1960, when MLK Jr. wrote his pregnant wife to reveal that he had been imprisoned, his letter to Coretta reaffirmed his unwavering faith in his calling and that somehow his monumental vision “can” and “will” work out.

We honor Martin Luther King, Jr for many reasons:  For what he stood for; his persistence in striving for nonviolent change while facing daunting resistance and conflicts; and the breakthrough changes he was instrumental in achieving for the betterment of the many.

As we honor the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr., we must also honor him for showing us the power of faith in one’s vision:

  • Faith as the persistence of belief and action in support of one’s dream despite the odds and in the absence of any
    evidence of its unfoldment
  • Faith as the humbleness of a surrendered ego that does not need recognition of its success
  • Faith in humane and nonviolent actions, however weak or illogical they may seem, as the demonstrated power
    (and worthiness) of Love and respect
  • Faith as the willingness to keep on keeping-on out of a desire to co-create greater good for all.

As we join in casting a bright and positive vision for humanity, and in whatever way we are called to do in service to greater good, let us be uplifted, renewed and rededicated to the power of our vision as evidenced by the life and leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.


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