Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/27/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/27/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, 1/27/19.  To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “How To Use It,” click here.

“Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is God is all there is – the Thing Itself.  I call it God and if that harasses you I call on you to name it whatever you want.  But what I know of It is that It is so divine and so full, so complete in Its wholeness, that all of the goodness that can ever be or will be, is already existent in It.  And it has been forever.  It is not withholding any of it from us but It is giving us the freedom to explore It, to discover It, to unveil It, to reveal It as we are unified through It, as It.  It is all that we are.  And because It is all that we are, It is all that we are together and together we are One.  In that Oneness and in that awareness of our unity, I claim right now that I am willing, more willing today than I have ever been, to do what is mine to do internally.  I am more willing today than I have ever been to start my day in spiritual practice.  I am more willing today than I have ever been to embolden and shift and try new spiritual practices.  I am more open to receive my Good, so much so that the infinite storehouse of good that is desperately seeking an outlet through me finds a wider aperture to flow through now.  Even more of that Good is moving through me, not because it has been withholding it for so long, but because I have fashioned myself to be a more loving vessel for It to express through.  It is the Truth of who and what I am and I commit to this now and daily, every single day, to show up in my own mind and in my own life to do the work that inspires me to show up as that Love in my world.  It is the truth of who and what I am.

And so I am grateful!  I am so grateful for this spiritual community, for this teaching, for these ideas, for this opportunity to express them and share them with the people that I love and that I call forth to hold me accountable to my Truth because I love them for seeing the Truth in me when I have forgotten.  I am so grateful!  And so I accept all that good, I accept all that support and all that love that this community affords me and I surrender myself to the Law, knowing that it’s not mine to do all of the work, it’s mine to do my work.  And as I do my work, I call forth a greater work from God that simply aligns with this thought – makes it manifest, makes it so and creates it as my life and as the life of those whom I touch with my love from day to day to day to day starting right here in this room right now.  It is already done, it is already the Truth and it continues to unfold naturally as it always has.  Together, as we say, and so It is!”


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