Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/20/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/20/19

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ Affirmative Prayer on Sunday, 1/20/19:

So please join me in this affirmative prayer.  As we know right here and right now in this room that there is only One.  When we think of Oneness, we’re not thinking of sameness, we are thinking of Wholeness.  We are thinking of Allness and that all of creation and every thought that has brought it about is one thing and that one thing is Divine.  And so the Divine is all there is in all of Its brilliance.  And it is all Love – it’s most powerful Truth!  And so in that awareness, we call that into ourselves knowing that powerful truth of love is operating and living and breathing and having a life right here inside us – I can feel it!  These aren’t just words that I’m saying, this is a thing that I know so deeply that I feel it in the same way that I feel the light of the sun; I feel it!  And it does not bless me from outwardly, but inwardly; it emanates from me.  And so what I know is that what It does is move through me as a powerful Creative Presence; an avenue through which Its goodness is escaping the ethereal and ambiguous ether of Spirit and moving through my soul to bring Itself into the world as a loving Life that is my life now!  And as I claim that, I know that everything I see is love and that love is returned to me tenfold.  This is the truth of my life and I know it not only as a thought, but I live it as a Beingness that calls it forward in greater measure and the more I do that, the more I can see the results of my good and so I am committed to it, knowing that it’s already happening, already upholding, I am It right now.  I’m not waiting for anything to come, I’m not hoping that this prayer is answered.  I’m knowing that the feeling that I have right now because of this prayer within me is the feeling that calls me forth and drives me into the world and allows me to give it and express it and in my givingness, I receive.

And for that I am grateful!  I am so grateful to give something I would want to have and to know that the echo of my giving comes back to me as the response of my blessings and that it’s all in Divine Order.  And so in that Divine Order I just receive it all, my good – I can sense it, I can feel it, the palate of my soul can taste its deliciousness and I am so grateful for Its presence in me, as me and through me and my life.  And so I surrender it.  I release it to the Law, not having to willfully force it into being but by simply knowing this truth and embodying it, that it has already been delivered unto the Law before these words have been spoken and that the Law has already been conspiring to make it so – so much so that it is already done.  As we have spoken it, it is the truth, it is our life, it is Love, it is Law as me, as you, as humanity, as this Mother Earth and as the Cosmos in Divine Order.  I know it is already so and together we say, “And so it is!”

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “What It Does,” click here.


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