Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/13/19

Affirmative Prayer Week of 1/13/19

We were snowed out of the Hawthorn Center last Sunday but that didn’t stop us from having a fabulous Sunday Service thanks to Rev. Brian Akers, his technical operations extraordinaire, Kimberly Akers, and their able assistant, Meckenzie!  We had about 45 people join us on Facebook Live – some holding watch parties – and many shared the video throughout their networks!  We’re so grateful for all who participated in any way!

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian’s affirmative prayer, Sunday, 1/13/19:

So I invite you to please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that our Oneness, our Unity, is unceasing and irrevocable.  It is All that there is.  It is God, It is Good, It is Divine and It is right here where we are.  And so because I know that this is the Truth of my God and this is the Truth of the world, I know that this is the Truth of all existence.  And what I can step into is that this Truth is the highest idea of what I am, so in this moment I know that all of that goodness that I recognize as God, I embrace and recognize right here moving in, through and as me, and in, through and as every brother and sister in this Universe, on this planet, in this prayer with me now and beyond.  That we are divine in every single possible way!

And so in that Unity and in that Oneness, today I embrace and accept all of the free will that has been afforded to me by this one Presence.  To know that in this moment the power that I have in my creative mind to choose who I am, what I am and the way that I show up in the world, that I unlock that potential so completely and so fully, right here in this moment, right in this spot, right here in this prayer. I choose love, and that love begins to absolutely find its way into every thought I have, every word I speak, everything I think and feel, everything I see as I look into my world.  And because Love is at the center of my creative mind, the impersonal creative Law of God Itself is acting upon that love and revealing it all around me in every affair of my life.  It is revealing it in my work, in my play, in my family, in my friends and in the voice I hear inside me!  It is my mind embracing that love and because I know that is the truth, as I have done what is mine to do right now in this moment to claim that truth, I know that as I accept it with gratitude, as I am so thankful for this love and so grateful to receive it, that the Universal Law of God is acting upon it because that is the way it works!  It simply takes all of this love that we are holding in our thought right now and in our feeling right now and we press it into our soul so that it is part of our very beingness; it is marrow-deep!  And in this presence of love, it is moving in every affair, everything around me is a conspiracy for that love to more fully and more completely reveal itself!

I am attentive to see it; I know that it is operating; I’ve already accepted every blessing it can afford to me; and thus, I know that it is already done!  And so together, I invite us to know that it is already so.  And so it is!

To see the entire virtual service, “The Way It Works” recorded in Facebook – including this affirmative prayer – click here.  The service begins at about 17 minutes into the video.  The affirmative prayer begins about 43 1/2 minutes into the video.


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