Affirmative Prayer, Week of 12/23/18

Affirmative Prayer, Week of 12/23/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Raymont Anderson’s affirmative prayer on Sunday, 12/23/18:

Let’s pray.  Simply allowing ourselves to breathe with no concern for where this next breath will come from or where this last breath went – just surrendering to the breath.  Because the body knows what to do and that which God Is, is breathing Itself as us, right here, right now.  So from this place of surrender and this place of allowing, I speak what I know. God in me, as me, is me. And what is true for me is true for everyone in this room, everyone in this city, everyone in this state and beyond – it is true for all. God is all there is, in, through and as, and what it is, all that Spirit is, must be true for me as well.  God is love, I am Love.  God is the demonstration of truth and power and so am I.  God is not healing but God is the demonstration of health and wholeness, completeness and perfection, and so am I.  So am I to such a degree that I am able to see that same completeness and perfection and wholeness in others.  That through my acknowledgement of that which I am as the Light of God, I help others to see their own divinity as well.  That which is the truth of all of us right here, right now – light, love, peace, power, oneness.

Knowing this to be true, filled with gratitude because what I know is that the Law always says yes, the Law said yes before we gathered for this sacred service, the Law saying yes during the service and the Law will continue to say yes long after the service is ended, because it is God saying “Yes” to Itself!  Yes, I am what you are.  And so in gratitude I surrender this, I relinquish it, I place it back into the Law from whence it came because I know it is already done, it is already showing up right here, right now, because that which it is – God – is in, through and as – right here, right now.  And to seal it in truth, to affirm it and declare it because we collectively know it and are calling it forth, together we say, and so it is!  Amen.

To watch the video, click here.  To view Rev. Raymont’s full talk on “The Invisible Gift,” click here.


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