Affirmative Prayer Week of 12/2/18

Affirmative Prayer Week of 12/2/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer, 12/2/18:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know right now is that feeling that we have together in this room cultivated the presence and awareness of the power of God and of good in our lives and in ourselves, that we have actually acknowledged that it is no farther from us than the very words I am speaking now.   When we invite ourselves this week to be mindful of our relationship to power, the very first place we turn is within.  We receive this awareness with such willingness to explore it, with such willingness for it to shift and change and move and reveal something new, that what I know is that in this moment something new is revealed in the power of God as us right now.  As we move into this week, we carry with us already this awareness of that thing that has changed today and has brought forth a greater measure of its presence in our life.  That in fact, there is more powerful decisions being made in our life right now.  That in fact there are more powerful relationships being cultivated in our life right now.  That absolutely in every way, there is a more powerful willingness and a more powerful prayer being spoken in our heart that has ever been spoken before.  That there is a power for love that is so complete and so whole that even when we deliberately pay attention to how little we understand about it, we are empowering ourselves to know it more fully.  And so in this moment, we receive its goodness with gratitude.  We accept that in this moment that power is so with us and so for us and so as us and so through us that we are living in a world that, just now as we have spoken it, has been transformed; that there has been that which has been transcended simply because of our awareness that our power resides within us.  We allow ourselves to be inspired by that thought to such a degree that the love that it cultivates within us presses us further into action in our lives to share it, to give it, to live it and to breathe it in even more beautiful and powerful ways!

And so we surrender it to the Law.  We surrender it to God knowing that as we do, that power that is within us is ever-present everywhere, all the time.  And as we have spoken this Word, that our power for good is linked with all the Cosmos, with all of humanity, with all of existence and all time, and as such we have given that which is our powerful contribution to the whole and as such, the entire world shifts in our eyes, right before us, right before our feet.  The grand question this month that we have invited ourselves into is answering itself not simply through a singular individual, not simply through a singular prayer, but through an entire month of our open willingness to explore consciously what It is, where It is and how It works.  And as we have done so It reveals Itself gracefully and brilliantly everywhere we look.  So in this moment of stillness, we invite the presence of God to move and live and breathe as our very life right now.  And so it is!

To watch this affirmative prayer, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “One Power”, click here.


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