Affirmative Prayer Week of 11/25/18

Affirmative Prayer Week of 11/25/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer, 11/25/18:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that in this moment there is only One and that Oneness is something that we have been “nearing and dearing” ourselves to all morning.  So we don’t need to belabor the idea, we don’t need to sit here and try to make it bigger than it actually is because It is all that there is.  And so what I know in this moment is that I am unified with It and in my unity with It I am absolutely conscious of Its absolute love!  And because of that conscious awareness, I know that I am connected to everyone in this room and everyone beyond it and the thing that is connecting us is the thread of love that God Itself has sown within each of us.  And so every detail of the fabric is of value.  We love each other so deeply and so profoundly that in this moment we simply allow it to overwhelm and wash over us without any judgment.  We deny any power to anything that would judge it, anything that would qualify or quantify it.  It is unqualifiable.  It is unquantifiable.  It is infinite and divine and it is all that there is!

And so today as we’ve come together, we do so in gratitude fully and completely accepting this truth, denying power to any fact that would try to convince us otherwise and embracing an awareness that says “Yes” to love over and over and over again regardless of the outcome because love transforms all.  And so we surrender this to the Law, as we give it away, as we share it with each other and with the world, we embrace an awareness that God Itself is acting upon this Truth, is taking this prayer in consciousness and as we do what is ours to do to come forth and be lovers in the world, It comes forth to create opportunities for our love to shine.  And so the rest of this year is one big, fat commitment to shine as brightly as we possibly can!  We embrace it, we accept it, we know that it is absolutely true and already done in the Mind of God as we say together, and so it is!  Amen.

To watch this affirmative prayer, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on “Being ‘Acceptional’”, click here.


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