Affirmative Prayer Week of 11/11/18

Affirmative Prayer Week of 11/11/18

The following is a transcript from Sunday Celebration Service, 11/11/18 – please join Oneness and Guest Speaker Idalia Romero, RScP in this Affirmative Prayer:

So in this energy, in this power, in this love, in this all-knowing essence of gratitude, and gratefulness and greatness, we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are always connected.  We’re always unfolding, we’re always expressing, we’re always being.  And as we allow ourselves to rejoice in this knowing, we know that God Is, I Am.  That God delivers all these gifts unto us, through us, as us.  That’s the joy, that’s the love, that’s the peace, that’s the serenity and it displays this table before us as the very essence of our inheritance.  And we are deserving of it all, we ARE deserving of it all because it is ours.  And all we need to do is say “Yes!” and to step forward each and every moment with a sense of joy and gratitude, and live our lives freely and filled with all that God has for us.  So we just gently say thank you, thank you for we have been filled with this gratitude today that passes all understanding.  And we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that before we ask, He has answered.  And so it is!

You can watch the video clip here; to see Idalia’s full sermon, “Attitude of Gratitude,” click here.


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