Affirmative Prayer, Week of 10/7/18

Affirmative Prayer, Week of 10/7/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer on Sunday, 10/7/18:   

I invite you to please join me in this affirmative prayer.   Because what I know is that in this moment, that thing that we call Oneness, that idea of Oneness – it is the awareness that God is all there is.  And that our relationship to it is absolutely unflinching, it’s unchanging, it’s inextricable from who and what we are.  And in Its very nature and presence, it has cast its light as us.  We are a living ray of Truth that shines in the light of God’s presence as Love.  And so in this awareness, what I know right here and right now is that as we move into this month, into this week, into this day and into our lives, that we move with a presence of Light that shines Itself on everything, and that we are now that willingness to see the best, highest possibility of all.  That we are that person who turns directly to the light of Truth, blesses everything that is seen and shares it willingly, lovingly and compassionately with the world because what we know is that when we are in a conscious union with Oneness, and when we are in an active practice of love, that we cannot be driven out.  That we are empowered to our fullest potential and that when we arrive right now in this moment, we have revealed something even greater than we thought we could possibly be, and that we do that every day when we rise and we shine.


And so I just give thanks for this love!  I’m so grateful – I’m in this moment being grateful for every face, every hand, every heart and every spirit of union that I sense.   As I move through the world and I know that I’m surrounded by a community of love that is living as my neighbors, as my family, as those who I thought were my enemies who are now my spiritual kin.  All of those who would step forward in the light of God, I share my light with them and I bring them into my home with love because I say thank you for their presence in my life!


And I just surrender this to the Law.  I release it knowing that as I do so that the same thing that keeps the world turning, the same thing that keeps the flower blooming, the same thing that keeps the stream flowing, the same thing that shines its light into the world and creates the life that reveals this Truth to me now, continues to do that with this Word, to take this prayer and to make it blossom, to make it flow and to shine it brightly in my life.  It is who I am, it is what I am, it is Oneness and it is right here and right now already done.  And together we say, “And so It is!”

To see video of this affirmative prayer, click here.  To see Rev. Brian’s full Sunday Celebration talk, “Dark Places,” click here.


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