Affirmative Prayer Week of 10/28/18

Affirmative Prayer Week of 10/28/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer, 10/28/18:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know right now is that as we have gathered here in this moment, as we have come together in the Divine, as we have allowed ourselves to be fully and completely present, whole and aware of the Oneness of all life, that we refuse in any way, in any thought and in any action, to counteract this belief that all things are one thing – God is literally All That There Is!  And so I place my faith in It, in God, in the Divine.  And in doing so, I remember that because I exist, I am a living expression of that Divine thing, and so I place that same faith that I would place in the highest presence of God within myself, letting it fill me up, letting it inspire me, letting it inspire me to recognize the unity that I have not only with God but to every other living human being in this human race.

And so I place my faith in every human I encounter.  Whether it be virtually or in person, I know that this goodness lives in every single human being and I do not judge them lest I judge myself.  And so I cast out and deny power to any judgment that would be anything other than Divine.  We are in the Divinity of our presence and the more we are willing to be brave and stand in It, the more It manifests.  And so this morning we claim all of it – all of the good we could possibly embody, all of the faith we could possibly embody, all of the willingness we could possibly embody – I call it forth in this moment and I feel it coursing through my veins.  I hear it whispering in the back of my mind that I am good, that I am loved, that I am safe, that I am whole.

And so I am grateful!  I am grateful for this awareness, I am grateful for this community to do this work, I am grateful to be so awake and alive and conscious that it showers me with blessings.  That in all of my discomfort of unearthing these things and surrendering them and denying them power, that the power of God Itself, that the power of love as my spiritual community and the power of my own love absolutely nourishes, consoles and comforts me now with my gratitude as I say thank you, thank you God!  And I surrender to It fully.  I lay myself bare in the Light of God knowing that It casts out all the shadows.  That it relinquishes and brings a death to all those things that no longer serve me and that they are left behind and are buried deep beneath the earth and they are no longer mine to carry or to bear but that they create the bedrock upon which we stand now as we allow it to manifest Good, as God in our world, every single moment.  It is my Truth now, it is my Truth forever and forever and forever and forever more.  In even greater ways that I could have imagined myself, it is already done.  And together we say, and so It Is!  Amen.

To watch this affirmative prayer, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on Embracing Endings, click here.


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