Affirmative Prayer, Week of 10/21/18

Affirmative Prayer, Week of 10/21/18

The following is a transcript of Rev. Brian Akers’ affirmative prayer, 10/21/18:

I invite you to please join me in this affirmative prayer.  In that small breath of silence, we come to ourselves, in that place within us that knows there is only One.  It is God as Love, as the Divine, as all of Creation shining Its many lights all throughout the Cosmos.  And recognizing the brightest Light is the one nearest me and It’s the one within, the Presence of God as me.  And recognizing that the greatest Light is the cumulative light of my spiritual community and of creative thought.  So I allow that to move through me now, right here in this moment and in this room I invite us all – as we receive that goodness that is God’s love, as we embody that goodness that is God’s light – that we absolutely shine It upon every area of our mind.  And as, even in this prayer, even as I speak this Word, as we cast that light of Love within ourselves, if we come across something that’s resisting It, if our mind is saying “Ooh but this over here,” “Oh but that over there,” this Light turns toward it and in the face of the Light, the darkness cannot exist.  And the truth of Love is the only thing present.

So as we know this within ourselves, we recognize ourselves as a lamp of Love moving through the world that sheds that light not only on our lives but when we see shadows, It shines within and It calls forth an even greater measure of Its goodness.  And in that goodness, in this prayer, in this moment on this day, in this hour, this second, right here, we claim it all.  All of our divine right, all of our divine goodness, all of our divine love, all of that divine Light shining through us.

And so we are grateful!  I am so grateful to bask in the light of God’s love and to share it with everyone here and everyone beyond this room.  I am emboldened by this truth because I have accepted this truth, because I know that it is the truth and that as I do so, that it sets aside anything that would be counter to it.  Any false belief that would seem to diminish this idea of God’s love is set aside now and cast away and no longer served.  It is out and God’s love is in because I have said yes and because in saying yes, I am grateful and thankful for this truth.  So in this gratitude I simply surrender; I release it unto the Law!  I know that as I have known this with my spiritual community this morning that we have come together in thought to compel and to absolutely inspire the Law of God and inspire ourselves and our own lives to be so Divine and so absolutely self-aware and self-affirming and self-empowering that it knows only the empowering and awareness and fulfillment of the world, and thus God moves into the life all around me and reveals Itself as everything necessary to live this life of love in perfect Divine peace!   And so as we let it go and let it be, we know that it is already done right now and forever more.  And together we say, and so It Is!  Amen!

To watch this affirmative prayer, click here.  To view Rev. Brian’s full talk on Interpreting Shadows, click here.


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