Candlelighting Inspirations – Peace

Candlelighting Inspirations - Peace

The Science of Mind text defines peace as a state of inner calm.  Peace then, is a state of being. Peace is something that comes from within.  And it is something we can cultivate.  We carry it with us and have the possibility in any moment to access it.  I had a teacher who taught that our bodies react to what is happening around us and that if I were paying attention to that reaction I could be informed by it.  If I had a learned response to that reaction that wasn’t getting me the results that I wanted, then through that awareness I could choose a new response.  As a Religious Scientist I know that I can always choose a new thought!  I was listening to a podcast[1] interview recently and the author being interviewed was talking about strong emotions having a physical sensation that accompany them.  The author said that it only takes 90 seconds to transcend that emotion.  When we have a sensation in our body around something that disturbs us, anger for example, and we can suspend our reaction for 90 seconds … 90 seconds … we can have access to different possibilities, different experiences, different responses.  We can tap in to that inner peace that is with us always.  We can choose to respond in a way that creates peace.  We can realize our Oneness.  We can access “a power which is the result of a union of peace with poise.”[2]

We look around us in the world, we listen to the news, and we hear a lot of things.  We have a choice in how we respond, and peace can be that response.  With access to our own inner calm, our own inner peace we can respond from it.  We can create peace in ourselves.  We can choose peace in our own thoughts about ourselves.  We can choose to respond in peace in our homes, in our communities.  In this way we contribute to peace in the world.  From the perspective of Science of Mind, every time we think peace and bring it forth in what we create in our corner of the world, in how we interact with those around us we are giving others access to peace.  Peace begets peace.  As Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.”  Each one of us can do this also.  We can leave our peace with others, we can give it to others.  And our source of peace is unlimited … fathomless.

At this time of year we are especially reminded of peace and our attention is called to it.  It is in the stillness of the dark … in the stillness of the long winter nights.  It is in the twinkling of lights … in the glow of a fire.  It is in the hush of a snowfall … in the dawn of a cold morning.  And it is always, always in us.  Peace is ours to claim, to own, to be, to give, to radiate.

Ernest Holmes says … “Whoever becomes receptive to the idea of peace, poise, and calm – whoever embodies these divine realities – finds them flowing through [them] and [they] become peaceful, poised, and calm.”[3]

Peace be with you.  Peace be you.


Written By Kathy Butler – Oneness CSL Practitioner Student


Full definition of peace from the SoM text: A state of inner calm.  An inner calm so complete that nothing can disturb it.  The Peace which comes only from the knowledge that It is All.  Fathomless Peace is meant by the Peace of the Spirit.  This is the peace to which Jesus referred when he said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.”  The Infinite is always at peace because there is nothing to disturb It.  A realization of our Oneness with Omnipresence brings peace, the peace which is accompanied by a consciousness of power.

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