Candlelighting Inspirations – Life

Candlelighting Inspirations - Life

The first thing that came to mind, when I started contemplating LIFE is Oneness- the Oneness of Life.

Oneness was an idea that was foreign to me until I found this community and the Science of Mind philosophy. Coming to understand that there is only Oneness- truly changed my life.

It expanded my family to all the world. It removed a sense of division between me and anyone- whether it be by race, religion, creed, gender, location, age, or belief. My world became so much bigger and so much brighter recognizing Life as Oneness. Life is what unifies everything and connects everything that is.  Life is the common thread- it is what binds us together.

How beautiful is it to know that nothing or no-one we ever come into contact with is void of the life force of God. The understanding and acceptance that the Life within each of us is the same Life that powers, enables, drives, inspires and breaths all people is a source of peace, it heals separation, it opens the door for us to respect and be in compassion for all of humanity. It is so Pure that when we fully reveal the Oneness of Life in our lives- we are able to see beyond turmoil, confusion, war and conflict, or anything outside of our Good, our God.

Life is the source of our energy, it is our avenue to express as individuals, it is an undeniable power that always and infinitely responds to us. Life is God’s gift to us. It provides for us unlimited possibility and  infinite opportunity for expansion, new experience, new thoughts and deeper senses of connection. Life never denies itself to us- and we are here to reveal all of what Life has to offer- we are here to uncover and grow into greater expressions of Life- and to share that with each other – to power our mission to inspire lives, open hearts and celebrate oneness.


I love this quote from A Holmes Reader on Practical Wisdom (1996): Page 44

Let us merge with the stream of Life, becoming one with everything that lives, freely giving, asking nothing in return, expecting neither recognition nor compensation other than the joy of the giving, and we will find an expansion of the self which we had never dreamed possible.   We will find that the gifts which we had so long and earnestly sought after are already in our possession.

So during this holiday season and forever more, let’s come to together in Life. Let’s experience all life has to offer as the ONE we are. Let’s be in a high state of consciousness of the sacredness of Life, the limitless bounty of it and it’s desire to express through us. Life is God. Life is Good. And so it is!


Written by Kara Atkinson – Oneness CSL Practitioner Student 


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