Candlelighting Inspirations – Joy

Candlelighting Inspirations - Joy

A mother noticed her five-year-old daughter studiously drawing a picture.

” what are you doing?” asked the mother.

“I’m drawing a picture of God.” The daughter replied

“That’s impossible,” said the mother!  “Nobody knows what God really looks like.”

The little girl looked up from her drawing and said, “They’ll know as soon as I finish this picture.”

In Reginald Armour’s book “Ernest The Man” he shares that this was one of Ernest Holmes favorite jokes to tell, and it seemed fitting this evening since I get to share this space of Joy with our wonderful Youth who bring so much Joy into our world.


In the book “Richer Living” Ernest Holmes tells us “We cannot experience joy around us, until we have created it within us.  God is calling our attention to the happiness of living the abundant life.” 

Earlier this year I experienced the loss of my father, and along with that I really felt I had lost the Joy inside me – and I was struggling to see the Joy around me.  I had to go on a bit of a “Joy Journey” to find my Joy again in the midst of so much sadness. I’m sure some of you may have experienced a loss or a heartache this year that may have left you feeling a bit joy-less as well, so I invite you on this Journey with me.

The first stop on my Joy journey was my hilarious little family – who constantly keep me laughing. I let go of my adult inhibitions and tried seeing the world the way my daughter does. I started skipping down the street instead of walking, I danced while making dinner, I sang instead of speaking, I colored outside the lines, – I let loose!  I let the Joy of God express through me.

The second stop was a re-commitment to my Faith. I committed to deeper, more regular spiritual work. I weekly see a Licensed Prayer Practitioner who knows the Truth with me in prayer and spiritual mind treatment.  I daily write in my Gratitude Journal. I remind myself of all the Good and Joy in my life. And one of my favorite new spiritual practices is what Rev. Brian Akers refers to as “Red Light Ministry.” I write a weekly affirmation of Joy which I tape to my dashboard and say at every red light.  But most importantly I opened up and I shared my struggle with members of my amazing spiritual home– and I found comfort in all of you.  I found Joy in your company, Joy in your kindness, and of course Joy in your hugs!

The stop I am currently stationed at is the Sharing of this Joy. Sharing all the things that make me happy. And learning of the things that bring others Joy.  I recently asked many of you what brings you Joy and I would like to share some of the answers I got from members of this community.

  • Jane Henderson finds Joy in sitting on the Beach with her family and a reading a good book.
  • Vance Blakely finds Joy in Bob Sima music – because don’t we all?!
  • Leah Pekofsky finds Joy in friends, family, food, music.
  • Rev. Brian finds Joy in Star Wars
  • Mark Timmick finds Joy in skiing, travel, spending time with his kids and grandkids…
  • Diane Schuch finds Joy in Laughter and in Music
  • I find Joy in this room – in this sacred feeling of Love and connectedness with each of you.

We all have those things that bring us the most Joy. I invite you to share them….a lot!  Share with each other, let our Joy grow! We are a powerful community of lovers and Joy-ers (it’s a word now) and I deeply thank all of you for being that for me when I needed it most this year.


I’d now like to close with the Poem “If you have a gift, bring it” By Ernest Holmes.


If you have a gift, bring it, 

If you have a song, sing it,

If you have a talent, use it, 

If you have love, diffuse it.

If you have a prayer, pray it, 

If you have a kind word, say it, 

If you have a religion, live it,

If you have happiness, give it.


Written by Kimberly Akers – Oneness CSL Practitioner Student


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