Finding Myself Through Sacred Service

Finding Myself Through Sacred Service

The Columbia Center for Spiritual Living would like to extend its deepest gratitude to our outgoing Board of Trustees President, Reggie Cole.

Reggie has been serving on the Board of Trustees for 6 years… 6 YEARS! This is in addition to her work as the co-leader of the Choir, the Ministerial Selection Committee in 2014, the Ordination Celebration Planning Committee earlier this year and countless other volunteer roles she has served in.

While she is no longer on the Board of Trustees she assures us that she will still be a highly active member of the community continuing to Open Hearts, Inspire Lives and Celebrate Oneness!

Below is an article she has written about the powerful blessing that being of service and practicing the Science of Mind has been in her life. Join us as we celebrate her and draw, yet again, from her wisdom:

Finding Myself Through Sacred Service

I am so grateful and honored to have had the chance to serve on the Board of Trustees for the last six years and rest assured, I will continue to volunteer at Oneness Center for Spiritual Living, Columbia in a variety of ways.

This community and this philosophy have absolutely transformed my life. I’ve grown curious and deliberate in my thinking. I have learned how to be a leader and discovered a truer version of myself that is wise, strong and worthy. Since coming to this community, I have named and claimed, “I am a musician”, and I’ve allowed that passion to permeate every aspect of my life. I have become independent and at the same time I have connected so deeply with others that I know there is no line of separation between us.

I have loved serving this community and I encourage you to continue answering your call to service, whether that’s on the Board, on a Service Team, in a Fellowship group, or showing up on Sunday with a smile and a hug, just to share the beautiful essence that you are!

Each one of us is an instrument for change in this world. As one of my favorite songwriters, Bob Sima says, “We are the movers and the shakers and the peacemakers.” And when we come together in Sacred Service and in Oneness, we are an unstoppable, unblockable potential for good! And so it is!


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