Foundations Revelations – Julia Drake

Foundations Revelations - Julia Drake

As part of our education program, students are encouraged to develop a personal project at the end of class. Our recent Foundations Class was asked if we could share some of their projects and some have agreed to share their creative work with our community!

This week we have Julia Drake with some poetry and imagery!

I am Listening

Very simple

Take a breath

This is it

Just this

The light

Gently touches

The surface

of the table

There is Stillness

Behind every little sound:

The ticking of the clock,

The chirping of a bird,

The hum of a machine.

This is Life.

As you listen

The Universe is listening too.


What is It listening to?

Dear One,

It is listening

To you.









I am Connected
I am seen
I am held
In loving arms
Always touching
Like a flower
In the soil
The sun
The rain
The air
I am Home
I am free
Life is here

supporting me.

I am Community

The light I shine

No one else can shine:

My Color-streaked flame

Uniquely mine.

I step into the world

As a beacon calling

wonderful people

Encircling me,

Like a campfire

My presence




And stories,




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