Words From Our Senior Minister Rev. Brian Akers

Words From Our Senior Minister Rev. Brian Akers

Having grown up in this teaching, Religious Science or Science of Mind, I like to think that I have a unique perspective on what it means to be spiritual and practical without the need to buy into the stories, rituals or dogmatic approach of anyone else. The study and practice of this philosophy is a personal one. The journey begins and ends with you!

This isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with stories and rituals, in fact, those tools can be amazingly powerful ways of expressing and practicing our spirituality. Even I subscribe to some of these things with great joy and use them to convey my message as an integral part of my ministry. However, it’s clear to me that no matter how much success I may have with any particular or specific approach to the Spiritual Law with which we are all working, it does not mean my approach is required. In many cases, what’s successful for one person is entirely unsuccessful with another. It’s because of this that I must acknowledge, that while the philosophy is always operating for, through and as everyone, that the way in which it’s operating is as unique an experience to every individual as they themselves are a unique expression of God in the world.

When we take the time to recognize the role we play in the unfolding of our own lives we can dismiss any need to embrace that our fate is a predetermined destination towards which we simply toil in our daily lives. This understanding also allows us to Love and care for one another along the way without needing to require others to be in complete agreement with us. It is for each of us to discover how to apply this teaching in our lives and to reveal the greatest and grandest version of ourselves that we can in every moment. While it may seem like taking “control” of our own lives would be our natural tendency there’s a personal responsibility that comes with this knowing that many of us are unaware of. In the immortal words of Dr. Ernest Holmes, “This teaching is simple, but it is not easy.”

It is often said that humanity is inherently flawed. Traditions in humanity’s history speak of the “error” of our ways and has sought to give guidance and direction to help navigate the nature of our own inadequacies. The prevailing concepts tend to center around the idea that there is a power greater than ourselves, that it is important to treat each other with both compassion and accountability and that we must take responsibility for our actions and the repercussions that are associated with them. While these core ideas seem to be of great benefit, the way in which we seek to practice them in our lives has lead to great separation. The requirement for others to believe in the same “Higher Power”, the need for us to be held accountable to only those with whom we agree and to withhold our compassion for those who do not tends to win out over time. This is the very divisiveness that impedes our ability to reach our full potential.

The study, and more importantly the practice, of Religious Science or Science of Mind is first the recognition that we are all one. All of us interconnected by infinite numbers of interaction, belief, social and cultural structures and even the environment in which we find ourselves. When we look at life as an interconnection with all that there is we immediately find one simple Truth; that the things we have in common with each other and with the cosmos outnumber the differences. It is from this place that we seek to know and express our potential as a fully aware presence within the whole of the Universe.

It is my great desire to teach the fundamental concepts of Religious Science or Science of Mind to as many people as possible. Not in an effort to have them agree with my every word or idea but to have them discover the great depths of their own souls and inspire them to share their unique discoveries with kindness and Love.

While I advocate the flexibility in our “approach” to practicing this teaching that does not suddenly mean that this teaching is one in which you believe whatever you want and everything you could ever desire is somehow “attracted” to you. Religious Science or Science of Mind is a definite philosophy upon which our lives have their being. We teach not only the wholeness of all things but also the importance of our commitment to deepen our understanding of Universal and Unchanging Spiritual Laws and the conscious use of this understanding in the way we make decisions and live our lives every day.

We believe that there are Spiritual Laws, just like the Natural Laws we’ve already discovered like Electricity, Gravity, and Aerodynamics. These laws are Universal. That means that no matter who you are, where you are or what you believe, they are working in your life to shape and mold your every experience. Much like the pull of gravity is always with us, even since before we understood it, the operation of Spiritual Law is constant and present even when we don’t know how it’s working.

My invitation to you? Join me, and our amazing community, as we seek to understand more deeply and practice more powerfully, how the Laws of Love, Peace, Circulation, Abundance, Creativity and countless others beckon us to give all of ourselves. Let us discover the infinite supply of good within us and all things that is waiting for us. Bring your gifts and your Light to the great work of co-creating the most amazing, fulfilling and profound Life that you could imagine. Come and be nurtured and supported by those who recognize that this journey is yours to take and are willing to care for you in the challenges and celebrate with you in the successes of this important spiritual work.


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