The Thing Itself… aka God

The Thing Itself... aka God

When Ernest Holmes wrote about “The Thing Itself” in the Science of Mind Textbook he was being very cautious and yet very direct. It was the very first thing he wrote about too, and for good reason. What he is articulating is his highest understanding of the greatest power, authority, influence, directive, creator, creation, and otherwise existent macrocosm of all that there is.

It has become decently clear to me now, at least from the standpoint of the western mind, that the most commonly used word to describe this concept has been God. He chose not to use that word to title this section and I commend him for that. Not because there is anything wrong with it, in fact he uses the term/name God to describe it very often, but more because his concept of it was so different than the most common understanding in the western mind at that time that it would be important for him to make the distinction right away.

Ultimately this is where we find the foundation of our teaching, Religious Science / Science of Mind. Wholeness is the most central and primary principle in our entire teaching. I believe Holmes knew this so clearly that he didn’t want the idea itself to be distracted with any preconceived idea that anyone may have already associated with the word God.

Imagine that all things, seen and unseen, were simply one thing. It makes perfect logical sense. Our body is a system of organs yet we are a person comprised of all of them. Much like our solar system is comprised of several planets and other celestial bodies but is still indeed a solar system revolving around a single star. So too is the nature of the highest echelon of being according to Holmes.

Imagine that everything that existed had its very being within and in fact AS the thing itself and you begin to come in contact with our understanding of “God”. All thought, part of the One Mind. All life, part of the All Life. One Presence back of every single thing in existence whatsoever.  Quite grand no?

Now that we’ve established that, let me normalize my use of the word God by stating clearly that this is what I am speaking of when I use that word. We have the power and authority to define the words we use and this is my definition of God.

To contemplate this one idea could easily take every conscious moment of a persons life and still be no where near enough time to explore even a fraction of it. Fortunately for us this was Ernest Holmes’ Life work; To not only contemplate this idea but to offer a tangible and practical philosophy with which to approach life. The Science of Mind is a rich and rewarding approach to life in which we honor ourselves, and everything in existence, as a living expression of God itself. If that’s not an idea at least worth looking into… then I don’t know what is.


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